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Announcing Great River Financial Thumbnail

Announcing Great River Financial

Introducing Great River Financial (edited video transcript)

Hello, this is Josh Wolberg and I'm happy to announce a new brand, Great River Financial. As many of you know we've been providing investment management and financial planning services through Resources Investment Advisors, our back office located in the Kansas City area.

Creating to Serve You Better

Great River Financial is a new firm built to serve you better with the goal of providing the best of both worlds, so continuing to have the economies of scale to keep your costs low and provide access to industry leading software.

And we're doing this in part to our own organic growth, as well as a new partnership with XY planning network, which is a network of over 1,500 independent fee only financial planners throughout the country. As well as the increase flexibility that we get from being a truly independent firm, so we're considering adding new services such as tax prep services is one of those things that we're considering, and possibly at a discount for current clients and future prospective clients. As well as looking at new software tools to provide more value to you as well as new software tools to make us more efficient and serve you better.

Staying the Same

How is this going to affect you in the meantime? Leadership is staying the same, so I’m still going to be the investment manager and lead financial planner here. Services will still stay the same, investment management and financial planning. Your accounts still be at Schwab. Your client logins at Schwab, Orion, and Right Capital will stay the same. Our phone number is the same, and our physical office is still here on highway 55 in Golden Valley. I'm still going to be sitting across the hall from the Channel Financial folks.


A few updates, we have a new website to go along with our new brand new company which is https://GreatRiverFinancial.com. My email is jwolberg@greatriverfinancial.com. Through our partnership with XY Planning Network we're actually going to have slightly lower DFA trading costs at Schwab, so about $5 per trade lower than they were on with Resources, which were already low. Advisory fees are going to be billed just a little bit differently, basically to your benefit at Great River Financial. Resources would bill for the third quarter for July, August and September at the beginning of July for the next three months and we are providing services for what was billed at the beginning of July. Great River is going to bill in arrears monthly. The new advisory agreement start on October 1.

We're going to provide services through October and not bill until November, so because the billing is delayed about a month it's going to look like from the total fee standpoint in 2021 as if you got a free month because of the delayed billing.

What’s Next

You're going to receive a new client contract, new client agreement, as well as additional information in a letter in the mail soon. We'd like you to sign, date and initial that as soon as you can and return it to us so that we can continue uninterrupted financial planning and invest management services for you. In this email below there's going to be links to the ADV parts 2A an 2B, which are basically required disclosures talking about the firm, talking about me as an individual, which are similar to what you've seen in the past from Resources. Client Relationship Summary and the Privacy Notice, which basically saying our policy is not to share any information confidential information with anyone else.

If you have more questions, you can call us directly, you can respond to this email, there's also a link below to schedule a call with us or schedule in person or zoom meeting, whatever you're most comfortable with. Also, we're going to be doing full review meetings. We're going to try and get every single client on the calendar for the fourth quarter in October, November, or December. You can do that below with that link, schedule your review meeting, or we’ll be reaching out to you over the coming months.

I'm really looking forward to continuing to serve you and provide investment management and financial planning services for many years to come. The reason we launched this firm is to serve you better. That's the whole goal. This Josh Wolberg with Great River Financial. Stay curious my friends.

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